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Ausar Auset Society Int'l is a spiritual religious organization founded by Shekhem Ur Shekhem Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen in 1973: a prolific writer, author and scholar of Ancient Kamitic culture. For over 25 years, we, the Ausar Auset Society Carolinas Chapter has had the honor of studying and sharing these Ancient spiritual wisdom teachings throughout the North and South Carolina region with study group chapters in Durham/Roxboro, NC and South Carolina.   Classes and workshops include Kamitic Spiritual initiation, Optimizing Health and Nutritional Science, Healing Meditations, Qi Gong Healing Science and more. We find by cultivating this wealth of spiritual information and applying spiritual traditions to our daily lives,  one is able to reunite and utilize the Ausarian way of life to solve and heal the errors of present day living.  Join us on this quest to empower and heal the world. Locate chapters of the Ausar Auset Society Internationally for further information on upcoming classes and events in your area. 

Hetepu (Peace)


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The real Talk About Food

Online -  NC/SC

Health & Wellness Series

Online NC/SC

Growing Micro-greens

Online for NC/SC

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